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Tart Cards

I do not recall where the term 'Tart Card' originated from. However, this seems to have become a regular term for the numerous online conversations reminiscing about their exsitence.

In the mid 1980s to early 1990s, these cards were to be regularly found in London public telephone boxes. I remember them well from my student days at Central Saint Martins art college where I was studying Fashion. Each time I had to phone home for more funds I was faced with a varied and ever changing art exhibition featuring such delights. Some of my fellow students were known to collect them and use them to decorate their halls of residence rooms.

The cards were normally home made and photocopied onto various colours of card - black on a colour. Photocopying had become relatively inexpensive towards the end of the 1980s and made this a great, affordable medium for various types of advertising.

The cards were usually quite mild in their content and never mentioned the word sex. Some were quite witty - others were quite basic - never overtly explicit.

My Reproduction Tart Cards

I see the cards a type of social history. Although I only ever saw them in London, I am sure they could be found in other cities. Until recently I had almost forgotten about their existence - that is until I stumbled upon some of my mid 80s sixth form college photocopied fanzine art. I started to muse on how to use this in my own current art, looking into ways to modify laser printed images. Then I remembered the London calling cards.

OK, so I did not use them in my own painting as yet but decided to create a few original foiled editions (the foiling was to glam them up a bit). And then people wanted them - mainly friends at first.

The telephone numbers are ficticious - created from the Ofcom list of reserved numbers for use in TV etc. so not woth calling.

The cards are open editions signed on the reverse just in case I become a famous artist.

All cards are 4x6 inches.

About Me

I am a practicing UK artist - Keith Thomas Neill (B.1969) - who has exhibited at numerous institutions including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Royal Glasgow Institute and the Royal Scottish Academy.

From time to time I get side tracked from my normal painting into other creative schemes - I see these as a break from the norm.

Lisa - Blonde Bombshell

Tart Cards in the En Suite
Tart Cards in the En Suite

London Tart Card Multiples
London Tart Cards - Multiple Display (Produced to Order - Please contact me for more information)